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SP141 Seaweed


Bill b/w Pumpkin

Sub Pop SP141, released April 1990

Sub Pop SP40/199 - 12" (Germany)

Seaweed's first Sub Pop single, released after their two 7"s on Leopard Gecko.  This one appeared on both green marble and turquoise (or aqua) marble vinyl.  There is some confusion in the record trading community as to which is which.  The lighter one is the green.  Both colors are easy to find, but the green one is slightly more common.  Sub Pop says the first 2000 were on turquoise.  There are some green variations that have bits of other colors mixed in - I have one with some pink in it.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP141 Turquoise Marble (2000) 5 Down
SP141 Green Marble 5 Down
SP40/199 12" 10-12 Stable
Test Pressing
Europe 12"
12" Test Pressing
12" Test Press Insert
Sleeve Full glossy
Test Pressing Pink vinyl, small hole, white labels
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