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SP12a Soundgarden

Hunted Down b/w Nothing to Say

Sub Pop SP12a, released June 1987

The first Sub Pop 7".  500 copies on blue vinyl with a blue paper sleeve.  This one was later bootlegged.  Beware fakes.  They are regularly sold as the real thing.  I got burned.  The fakes are still rare, but the collecting community is increasingly aware of them.  They are not very valuable.

  • Clear blue vinyl with no marbling.
  • "Soundgarden" on label: not cut off at all
  • Matrix codes in trail-off wax: R10866 and R10867
  • Comes with blue paper sleeve
  • Thin blue vinyl with slight marbling
  • "Soundgarden" on label butts up against the edge and can be slightly cut off
  • Matrix code in trail-off wax: 19c87
  • Blue paper sleeve is generally missing

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP12a Blue 150-250 Volatile
Sleeve Plain blue construction paper

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