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Roots, Branch and Stem

Stubborn SKA0000 CD, released 1996

Contains the Slackers track "Run Away"

Roots, Branch and Stem might be my favorite compilation from the third wave ska era.  It's a toss-up between this and Ska Island.  There are some fabulous songs on this CD: excellent versions of the Stubborn All Stars' "Tin Spam" and Skinnerbox's "Baby," not to mention a beautiful Dunia Best and Django duet ("Come to My Rescue") and what is probably the best Jumpstarts song ever.  I highly recommend it.  The version of the Slackers' "Run Away" that appears on here is a different version from the one that was on their Better Late than Never album.  I swear there is another compilation out there with yet another version of that song, but my memory is failing me on that one...I never owned it, but I recall that a friend of mine did.

Version Approximate value ($)
Stubborn SKA0000 CD 10-12
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