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Gambare!/The Radio

Gambare! - Ska in the World SIWI-164 CD (Japan), released 2011

The Radio - Whatevski DIP020 LP/Digital (U.S.), released 2012

The Radio - Moanin' (Alive) 820232 CD (Europe), released 2012

This is a covers album first released in 2011 in Japan.  Early 2012 brought the U.S. release of the album under a different name (The Radio) with different artwork.  It is the first Whatevski release that is not exclusively digital.  The track listings were slightly different - the Japanese version contained the Slackers' cover of U2's "New Year's Day," while the U.S. version has "Bitch" and "Volunteers" on it.  The vinyl is available on three colors: orange, black, and purple.  The purple version is only available via Interpunk - it's a really dark purple took the limits of my photography ability to make it not look black.  You can get the other two colors directly from  The Radio was also released in Europe on CD, with different artwork from the U.S. or Japanese versions.

Version Approximate value ($)
Ska in the World SIWI-164 CD 25
Whatevski DIP020 Orange 18
Whatevski DIP020 Purple 15
Whatevski DIP020 Black 15
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