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The Slackers

The Great Rocksteady Swindle

U.S. LP - Hellcat 80515-1, released 2010

U.S. CD - Hellcat 80515-2, released 2010

Japan LP - Ska in the World SIWI-134, released 2010

Japan CD - Ska in the World SIWI-131, released 2010

Digital "Album and Fun Pack" - Whatevski DIP009, released 2010

The latest Slackers album sees them going back to Hellcat.  The vinyl came in red and black varieties.  As far as I can tell, the red one is only available through Kings Road Merch (it was still available at last check).  The black one went to everyone else.  As with Lost and Found, the Japanese LP is just the U.S. one with a Ska in the World sticker on it.  It is only more valuable because the retail price is so much higher.  The digital release contains a whole extra set of tracks (25 live tracks plus an interview).

Version Approximate value ($)
Hellcat 80515-1 Red 12-15
Hellcat 80515-1 Black 12-15
Ska in the World SIWI-134 Black 20-25
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