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The Slackers

Upsettin' Ernesto's

Music Machine MMRLP 003 2xLP, released 2004

Music Machine MMRCD 003 CD, released 2004

Here we go...time to decide whether you are really going to be a Slackers collector.  This is the toughest Slackers album to find.  The vinyl was produced in the Netherlands and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.  It can occasionally sell for less than the Question, but is usually more expensive.  The CD isn't the easiest find, either, but it's nothing compared to the double LP.  Plus, the vinyl contains two extra tracks: I Still Love You and Midnight Rendezvous.  Oh yeah, it's also a very good performance - another live set from Ernesto's, accompanied this time by Glen Adams and Susan Cadogan.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Music Machine MMRLP 003 2xLP Black 65-75
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