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The Slackers

Wasted Days

Hellcat 80429-1 LP, released 2000

Hellcat 80429-2 CD, released 2000

I get the bass line from the title track of this album stuck in my head all the time.  There's some really good material on here.  I think my opinion of it suffers from my brain comparing it to all of their prior efforts.  Interestingly, the vinyl is actually a very different release from the CD.  The vinyl contains 10 tracks vs. 16 on the CD.  9 of those 10 tracks are different (Wasted Days is the same): the LP contains So this is the Night (alt. version), Don't Break My Heart, Fifteen, Information Error (alt. version), Wasted Dub (Dub version of Wasted Days), Tales of the Rugaroo (Remix of Tales of the Mongoose), A Fifth of Slack (Remix of Made up My Mind), Old Days (alt. version), and Remember When.  The vinyl was readily available for a good long time, but is now getting fairly rare.  The word finally got around about the alternate set of tracks.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Hellcat 80429-1 Black 25-35
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