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My Bed Is a Boat

Whatevski DIP-029 12"/CD, released 2014 (U.S.)

Whatevski 7" (U.S.)

Ska in the World SIWI-216 7" / SIWI-217 CD, released 2013 (Japan)

The Slackers did a Kickstarter-esque campaign on Big Tunes in order to re-press Wasted Days. As part of that, they also released the My Bed Is a Boat single/EP for campaign supporters. There was a 12" EP, a CD, and a lathe-cut 7" containing the tracks "My Bed Is a Boat" and "Stereo On". All of those are now brutally tough to find and very expensive. Also, just to make it more difficult, they did some of the lathe-cut 7"s on black vinyl and some on clear. However, some good news...there was also a Japanese version of the 7" on Ska in the World (the b-side on this version was "The Fool"). Those are much easier to come by. The Japanese CD is also much easier to come by than the U.S. one.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
DIP-029 12" Black 80-100 9 Volatile
Whatevski 7" Clear 75-100 9 Volatile
Whatevski 7" Black 5-75 9 Volatile
SIWI-216 7" Black 15-20 5 Stable
12" Test Pressing
Black 12"
Clear 7"
Black 7"
Japanese 7"
Sleeve 12": Full sleeve
U.S. 7": Plain white paper sleeve
Japan 7": Black die-cut sleeve with label

Recent Sales Data - 12":

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2019 3 91 Discogs
2018 1 40 eBay
2017 3 97 Discogs, eBay

Recent Sales Data - Whatevski 7" Clear Vinyl:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2019 1 100 Discogs
2017-18 0 N/A N/A

Recent Sales Data - Whatevski 7" Black Vinyl:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2017-19 0 N/A N/A

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Scarcity Score Definition
10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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