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Inside/Stargirl b/w Re-think/Love Gut

Leopard Gecko LG-007, released 1989

Leopard Gecko had a short run (eight releases, I believe).  Amongst its handful of 7" releases were Seaweed's first two singles.  This stuff's a little raw.  Some of it is pretty good, but it is far from my favorite material the band put out.  Mailings from the label said the first 350 copies of this one were on blue-green marble vinyl.  They do not specify whether there were 1000 or 1500 total pressed.  If I had to guess, I would say there were 1500 total.  The rest of the copies were on translucent black vinyl.  The blue-green marble copy of this record is one of the tougher Seaweed records to find.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
LG-007 Blue-Green Marble (350) 12-15 Down
LG-007 Translucent Black 8-10 Down
Sleeve Thick stock paper foldover
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