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Dear Josie, Love Robyn b/w The Last Boy

Mud Records MUD-018, released 1996

Great single.  Apparently, the A side got some good press while I had my head in the sand.  It seems there were (at least) two releases for this single.  By random chance, I happened upon two different versions.  They are almost identical, save for the web site URL on the back of the sleeve and the insert.  The earlier one has a "" web site listed, and the later one has the full Parasol Records address, alogn with an updated "" URL (see pic below).  Both releases contain Parasol catalogue inserts.  The earlier one is on beige paper; the later one is on white, and has a more extensive catalogue listed.  The vinyl is translucent black.

Version Approximate value ($)
MUD-018 Translucent Black 6-8
Sleeve Comparison
1st Insert
2nd Insert
Sleeve Thick-stock paper foldover
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