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Taste CD

Contains the Rocket from the Crypt tracks "Cut It Loose," "On Living and Dying," and "Glazed"

Bacteria Sour SOUR 4-D, released 1995

Taste was a Pushead compilation of material from his various releases.  There were three Rocket tracks included on the disc.  "Cut It Loose" can be found on various vinyl releases, and was eventually included on All Systems Go 2.  "On Living and Dying" was on the split double 7" with the Bloodthirsty Butchers.  It also appeared on an earlier Pushead compliation, Pusmort View (not covered on these pages...although I kind of just did...).  The really notable (hidden) track on here is "Glazed," though - this is the only CD release of this version of the song.  It is the version that originally appeared on the Rocket Pack 7".

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Bacteria Sour SOUR 4-D CD 8-10 Stable

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