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Rocket from the Crypt

In the White Room (With Black Curtains) 7"

Born in '69 b/w Young Livers/On a Rope

Live at Westway Studios, London, 2/2/96, released 1996

This is the one of a wave of bootlegs that appeared along with Rocket from the Crypt's mid-90s takeover of the UK.  Two 7"s and two 12"s surfaced, all around the same time.  Black vinyl.  Wegi tells me the band was selling this and the Star Search record below on their 1996 European tour.  According to him, the band said that they caught the bootlegger before he could get the records into stores, and they took over.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Black 8-10 Stable
Sleeve Full glossy

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