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Rocket Queen EP

10 Forward/Call It a Complex b/w Ballot Fire/I Turned Into a Martian (live), released 1995

This record contains the three tracks that (for a while) could only be found on the original Japanese version of All Systems Go, along with one live track recorded in Japan.  This was (theoretically) originally pressed in an edition of 500.  Many variations of sleeves exist for this pressing.  Then, there was an additional pressing of 300 with a black & white, completely different sleeve.  That one is hand-numbered out of 300.  The vinyl is identical for both pressings: all translucent black (brown tint).  The price has been rising for this boot.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
1st Pressing - Black (500) 20-30 Up
2nd Pressing - Black (300) 20-30 Up
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits blue, green, white sleeve images

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