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Vagrant VR461 CD/DVD, released 2008

Rocket from the Crypt's theoretical last show was truly legendary...if not for the actual performance as much as the lengths to which people went in order to attend.  Five days before a transatlantic move, my wife stayed on the east coast by herself on her favorite day of the year (Halloween) while I flew across the country for a grand total of eight hours in San see a band that I had seen many times before.  I have never lived this down.  And it was worth it.  Was it the best Rocket show of the band's career?  No.  It meant the world to fans, though.  The show was immortalized on this CD/DVD set.  Before the final version of this one came out, there was an early cut of the DVD produced and sold by Swami.  It contained several tracks that were cut out of the final version.  That version has become very difficult to find.

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VR461 CD/DVD 12 Stable

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