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Flapping Jet FJ-010, released November 1999

A fun record (or annoying, depending on how cool you are), on which a label affixed to the sleeve is attached to the record, so that you actually have to cut it out in order to get to the vinyl.  Originally a pressing of 3000, with 100 on clear blue vinyl.  Later re-pressed.  The later pressings look no different from the originals, so it is tough to know which you have unless you bought it when it came out.  The blue ones are extremely difficult to find and have gotten fairly expensive.  In fact, if you are unloading a blue copy, please ...I have been after that one for some time.  The tracks from this record were lumped in with Hot Charity for the CD release of that album to create a supernatural digital weapon that has since rendered several civilizations extinct.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
FJ-010 Blue (100) 150-200 Up
FJ-010 Black 10-15 Stable
Credits RAB: Blue vinyl image

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