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All Systems Go

Toy's Factory 8804-P CD, released 1993

Headhunter HED-023 LP/CD/CS, released 1993

Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 558 CD, released 1998

This release started as a 1993 Japanese CD release named "All Systems Go!"  It was a compilation of rare material, mostly from the band's early singles.   I hesitated to lump this in with the U.S. release, since the track listings are so different, but decided that they fit together.  All Systems Go was released in the U.S. later the same year.  The vinyl was black - there have been occasional rumors of a color version of this record, but no concrete evidence has ever surfaced. 

The Japanese version contained 15 tracks, while the U.S. one had 19.  They overlap a lot, but not completely.  11 of the tracks on the Japanese release were on the U.S. version.  The ones that were not were "10 Forward," "Call It a Complex," "Ballot Fire," and "Gold."  Two of those tracks appeared later on All Systems Go 2, but this was the only CD release for "Gold" and "Call It a Complex."   The only other release on which you can find "Call It a Complex" is the Rocket Queen bootleg 7".

All versions of All Systems Go were fairly difficult to track down for a while there, until the CD was re-released in the late '90s.  The Japanese CD sold for somewhere in the $30 range for a long time, but came down a bit in price once eBay really got going.  The vinyl price has stayed pretty stable over the years.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
HED-023 Black 15-20 Stable
Toy's Factory 8804-P CD 15-25 Stable
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Black vinyl, generic white Cargo labels
Rumors Color vinyl version

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