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Rocket from the Crypt

Used b/w Lose Your Clown

Dinked (no #), released 1996

Sometimes referred to as "Tattoo Single #2," this single was released in conjunction with a pair of Rocket from the Crypt in-store performances in London.  Black vinyl with plain white labels.  It also came with a jukebox tag with the tracks printed on it, and the ones given away at the in-stores were wrapped in posters advertising those performances.  Some copies ended up in various London record stores, and some others were given away to Tattoo club members.  Purportedly, no more than 200 were pressed.  I originally had the value for this one listed as $50-$80, because that was the range of the prices the record had fetched the previous few times it had been auctioned.  However, at that point, it had been a good long time since one had been sold.  The value seems to be all over the place these days.  Sometimes, it will sell for under $100, other times up to $250.  If you can get it for $100, that seems to be a good price now.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Black 100-200 Volatile
Jukebox Tag
Sleeve Plain white paper

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