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Lie b/w Video Reign Man

Snap Crackle Punk SCP-001, released 1993

Originally released in conjunction with Speed Kills Magazine #4.  The record came in a white paper sleeve with a couple of things stamped on it, and was stapled to the mag.  The first press was on black vinyl.  It was later re-pressed in two forms: red vinyl with a red thick paper sleeve, and then black vinyl (identical to the 1st press) with a blue paper sleeve.  The later pressings were numbered, so we can guess how many of each were made.  Red-sleeved ones seem to roughly span numbers from 1-2000, and blue ones go from around 2000 up.  I don't think they go beyond 3000, though, which would mean the blue sleeves are more scarce.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SCP-001 1st Pressing - Black (w/ magazine) 10-15 Down
SCP-001 2nd Pressing - Red 5-8 Stable
SCP-001 3rd Pressing - Black (Blue Sleeve) 5-8 Stable
Speed Kills Magazine
1st Press Insert
Sleeve 1st: thin white paper w/ stamps, 2nd: thicker red paper, 3rd: thicker blue

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