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Slug Tone/VMS/Morphius DFM-V-051 3xCD, released 2003

This three-disc set was a welcome addition to the Pietasters' commercially available material.  Ya think I referenced this set enough in the previous entries?  It is what it purports to be: a comprehensive Pietasters anthology, covering their first few years of existence.  It contains four complete Pietasters albums: The Pietasters, Oolooloo, Strapped Live!, and Comply.  The versions of the tracks from their self-titled debut, however, are the demo versions, not the ones that appeared on the actual album.  There are also quite a few previously unreleased extras scattered throughout.  Well worth your time and money.  No vinyl for this one.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Slug Tone/VMS/Morphius DFM-V-051 3xCD 15-20 Stable
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