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Fueled By Ramen Records FBR054 CD, released 2002

Make My Day Records MMD001 CD/MMD003 LP, released 2002 (Germany)

Here we go.  They nailed it on this one.  That soul sound that the Pietasters had been kicking around for the previous few all came together on Turbo.  There are some songs on this disc that make me very happy.  The band moved away from Hellcat at this point.  The CD came out domestically on Fueled By Ramen.  There was actually a vinyl version of this album, but it was only released in Germany.  The vinyl was not too difficult to come by for a while, but has recently become a much tougher find.  I was able to track down a copy, but it took some work.

Turbo also represented a major lineup change for the band; about half of the members were new.  The band's original bass player, Todd Eckhardt, passed away at a tragically young age a year or so before this album came out.  I have no knowledge of whether this prompted other members to leave the band, but I would have to guess that it was a contributing factor.

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Make My Day MMD003 LP Black 20-25 Up
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