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Moon Records/Moon Ska Albums MR051 to MR100


Ska in Hi-Fi

Moon Ska MR052 CD, released 1995

The Scofflaws' second full-length effort did not disappoint.  This is a fun album.  I highly recommend it.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR052 CD 6-8


Moon Ska MR053 CD, released 1995

The Porkers were (are?)...silly.  They were a loud punk-ska band from Australia.  They had a band member who wore a mask (ala He Who Cannot Be Named from the Dwarves).  The one time I saw them play, he did something really wrong with duct tape and a balloon full of whipped cream.  They had a couple of fun songs.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR053 CD 6-8

100% Latin Ska Vol. 1

Moon Ska MR054 CD, released 1995

Latin Ska Vol. 1...pretty much what you might expect.  No vinyl - just CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR054 CD 6-8


Facefirst 5501 CD, released 1994

Distributed by Moon Ska (MR055)

I never really go tinto Magadog.  I did see them play once or twice - they put on a solid show.  This was a CD-only release.  There are two versions floating around - one with "5501" on the spine and one without.

Version Approximate value ($)
Facefirst 5501 CD 6-8
Credits Charlie Leonard: Info about the variations

The Truth About the...NY Citizens

Moon Ska MR056 CD, released 1995

This disc was kind of all over the place.  It was not an anthology...not a greatest hits, per basically ties up a lot of loose ends.  Several tracks on here were released on their two full-lengths, some others came from singles and compilations, but a good chunk of this CD was made up of previously unreleased material.  There is no escaping this one if you want a full NY Citizens collection. CD only, not too hard to find...yet...

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR056 CD 12-15


Moon Ska MR057 CD, released 1995

Grover GRO-LP 029/GRO-CD 029, released 1998 (Germany)

This is a band that I enjoyed much more in person than in recorded form.  I don't know why.  I love me some instrumental ska.  These were some very talented musicians.  I just never get the urge to listen to their recorded stuff.  It eventually came out on black vinyl in Germany on Grover.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR057 CD 6-8
Grover GRO-LP 029 Black 12-15
Grover GRO-CD 029 8-10

Spawn of Skarmageddon

Moon Ska MR058 2xCD, released 1995

The Skarmageddon series continues...there some interesting stuff on all of them.  They are all chock full of material, and are all double CDs. 

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR058 2xCD 6-8


Moon Ska MR059 CD, released 1995

Asbestos/Underground Communique ASB/UCR072 LP, released 2012

Shattered World SW001 LP, released 2012

Classic Pietasters.  Solid album throughout.  This was the Pietasters' first release on Moon Ska.  For years, it has only available in CD form.  This is about to change.  In 2012, it was released on vinyl for the first time as a joint effort between Asbestos Records, Underground Communique, and others (including my new label, Shattered World Records).  There were 197 pressed on blue vinyl and 292 on black vinyl.  Of the 292 black copies, 50 comprise the Shattered World Edition of the record.  These are all stamped and hand-numbered.

If you buy the original disc, be forewarned - there is no division between the third and fourth tracks ("Tell You Why" and " Maggie Mae"), so the track numbering is off.  I heard this actually pissed off the band quite a bit.  The album was later included on the 1992-1996 anthology.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Moon Ska MR059 CD 10-12 Stable
Asbestos/Underground Communique ASB/UCR072 Blue (197) 20-25 Stable
Asbestos/Underground Communique ASB/UCR072 Black (242) 15-20 Stable
Shattered World SW001 Black (50) 15 Stable
Test Pressing
Shattered World Edition
Test Pressing Black vinyl, white labels

The Bluebeat Years

Moon Ska MR061 CD, released 1995

The Story So Far...

Grover GRO-LP 008/GRO-CD 008, released 1995 (Germany)

I adored Laurel Aitken.  He was a wonderful man and a great performer.  He meant so much to the history of ska, and never quite got full credit because he was not born in Jamaica.  I only got to meet him once, and I consider myself a better person for it.  The Bluebeat Years (and the German version, The Story So Far..., which is exactly the same album with different artwork) is a great set of more recent recordings of some of his classics.  If you are not that familiar with his extensive body of work, this disc is an excellent starting point.  The U.S. version was never released on vinyl, but the German vinyl was.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR061 CD 6-8
Grover GRO-LP 008 Black 12-15
Grover GRO-CD 008 10-12

Fat Footin'

Moon Ska MR062 CD, released 1995

Skavoovie & the Epitones were a unique band.  They put a lot of energy into their performances, and were always a lot of fun to see live.  Fat Footin' was probably their most complete album.  Only released on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR062 CD 6-8

Mr. Twist

Moon Ska MR065 CD/CS, released 1995

Mr. Twist...the second Let's Go Bowling album.  Released on CD and cassette.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR065 CD 6-8

God Bless Satan CD

Pass the Virgin (self-released), released 1994

Moon Ska MR666, released 1994

Alright, I like this album, and I kind of like myself a little less for it.  No, this is a fun one, despite the shtik.  When I was a ska DJ in the late '90s, though, people requested the "Bumblebee Tuna Song" almost every show for a year.  That got old.  I have always loved "Saba," though.  The quality of the band's live performance varied dramatically from one show to the next.  This one was only released on CD, but it was originally self-released.  Moon Ska re-released it with their logos and numbers.  They used the number MR666 (of course they did), but it took the place of MR066 in the numbering system, so that worked out fairly nicely.

Version Approximate value ($)
Pass the Virgin CD 12-15
Moon Ska MR666 CD 5-8

Better Late than Never

Moon Ska MR067 CD, released 1996

Special Potato SP003 CD, released 2002

Special Potato SP0003 2xLP, released 2002

Asbestos ASB041 LP + 7", released 2009

No album title could possibly have fit better.  The Slackers' first album was a game changer.  There were some really solid ska albums on the market when this one came out.  Better Late than Never raised the bar.  Excellent, top to bottom.  The only knock on it might be that the production is a little bit bass-heavy, which mutes the rest of the sound a bit.  The album was remastered years later and re-released on Special Potato (along with three bonus tracks from the original recording sessions).  At that point, it was also released on vinyl for the first time - as a double LP on black vinyl.  That double LP was a very easy find for several years, and then suddenly became scarce (it mostly coincided with the Jammyland shop closing).  Asbestos Records repressed it again in 2009.  This version did not include the three bonus tracks.  It was also done as an LP + 7".  No real reason for this, but it's fun.  The Asbestos version is much rarer than the previous one (150 copies on black vinyl and 350 on white), but is still readily available.  I expect this to change over time. 

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR067 CD 10-12
Special Potato SP-3 2xLP 15-20
Asbestos ASB041 LP+7" Black (150) 12
Asbestos ASB041 LP+7" White (350) 12
Special Potato Disc 1
Special Potato Disc 2
ASB041 LP Test Pressing
ASB041 7" Test Pressing
ASB041 LP Black Vinyl
ASB041 7" Black Vinyl
ASB041 LP White Vinyl
ASB041 7" White Vinyl

Static World View

Moon Ska MR068 CD, released 1996

Spring Heeled Jack...who woulda thought that a band name like that would actually bring legal troubles?  Apparently, there was a British group named Spring Heel Jack who took issue with the name.  They ended up adding "USA" to the end of their name.  It was our very own third wave version of the English Beat controversy!  The name thing, I mean...not the thing where they stole the Laurel Aitken song without giving him credit.  Anyway, Static World View was Spring Heeled Jack's first album.  It has some good moments.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR068 CD 6-8


Self-released CS, released 1994

Distributed by Moon Ska (MR069)

Agent 99 released their own self-titled cassette in 1994, which was distributed by Moon Ska.  Agent 99 was fronted by Dunia Best.  I have always loved her voice.  This one is pretty hard to find.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR069 CS 8-10

Moviendo Los Pies

Self-released LPN020 CS, released 1994 (Distributed by Moon - MR070)

Pepe Lobo CD, released 2002

Puerto Rico's Los Pies Negros gained themselves a little mainland U.S. exposure with this cassette (their second).  It was distributed by Moon Ska, and is not a common find anymore.  A CD version of it was released almost a decade later on Pepe Lobo Records - that one is a bit easier to track down.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR070 CS 6-8
Pepe Lobo CD 12-15

The 4-Track Adventures of Venice Shoreline Chris

Moon Ska MR071 CD, released 1996

Chris Murray puts on a really good solo show (still).  It is pretty impressive what he is able to do with just his guitar.  This is a good disc.  I rarely find myself listening to it these days, but it is solid. CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR071 CD 6-8

Closer Than You: Florida Ska

Moon Ska MR072 CD, released 1996

I have actually never heard this disc, so I can't really comment.  No vinyl version - just CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR072 CD 6-8

Horny for Ska

Moon Ska MR076 CD, released 1996

More Ruder than You.  Another CD-only release.  It was never that tough to find.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR076 CD 6-8

Skank Down Under

Moon Ska MR077 CD, released 1996

As you might imagine, this was a ska comp of Australilan and New Zealander bands.  No, it was not just a Porkers album.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR077 CD 6-8

California Skaquake 2: The Aftershock

Moon Ska MR078 CD, released 1996

As with most things in California, the sequel was not quite as good as the original.  There was still some solid material on this comp, though.  Honestly, the majority of Moon Ska compilations almost always had a few tracks that made the discs worthwhile.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR078 CD 6-8

No Apologies

Moon Ska MR079 CD, released 1996

Another album by the Skunks.  Several members of this band ended up in Eastern Standard Time.  This was their last album, only available on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR079 CD 6-8


Moon Ska MR080 CD, released 1996

ITraditions was the only Los Hooligans album to appear on Moon Ska.  I never really got into it.  Only available on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR080 CD 6-8

Strapped Live!

Moon Ska MR081 CD, released 1996

Stunningly, this was a live album, compiled over two nights at the Black Cat in DC.  It is a great live show (or two live shows) - a good representation of the band's live presence of the era.  Steve's banter is included at no extra cost.  This CD-only release was also later included in full on the 1992-1996 triple CD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Moon Ska MR081 CD 10-12 Stable

Hard Band for Dead

Moon Ska MR083 CD, released 1996

The Toasters in their prime.  This one was solid.  CD only.  There is also a promo version of this CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR083 CD 6-8
Credits Charlie Leonard: Promo CD information.

Viva Chez Slack

Moon Ska MR084 CD, released 1996

Do not judge Too Hectic by this CD.  They were a very good band that put on a consistently fun live show.  It did not really translate well to the studio.  I saw Too Hectic play a good number of times, as they were from Syracuse, and I spent most of the time they were together in upstate New York.  I still enjoy this CD, but I think that is more because I was able to see these tracks performed live.  It is not the easiest disc to find these days.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR084 CD 6-8

Barbecued Cats

Moon Ska MR085 CD, released 1997

Florida ska-punk.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR085 CD 6-8

Skoolin' with the Skalars

Moon Ska MR086 CD, released 1996

Solid female-fronted ska.  Available exclusively on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR086 CD 6-8

In a Different Style

Moon Ska MR087 CD, released 1996

House of Rhythm was a fairly talented British band.  They backed Laurel Aitken while he toured in Europe in the mid-'90s, and they did it well.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR087 CD 6-8

Trojan Warriors: For Your Protection

Moon Ska MR088 CD, released 1996

I don't think it would really be possible to explain just how important Gaz Mayall is to the ska world.  His band, The Trojans, was a ubiquitous force in the UK ska scene for a good, long time.  Beyond that, Gaz's label, Gaz's Rockin' Records, really kept ska alive globally in the '80s and early '90s.  Gaz was also extremely influential in the Japanese ska scene.  He released the first Ska Flames album back in 1988, and the Ska Flames were effectively Japan's Skatalites.  All of the other important bands there through the '90s and beyond can be traced in some way to the Ska Flames...and Gaz must be given some credit for their rise.  All of the Trojans' albums were released on Gaz's label.  This one was a greatest hits of sorts, only available on CD from Moon Ska.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR088 CD 6-8

Latin Ska Vol. II

Moon Ska MR090 CD, released 1996

More ska fun from Spanish-speaking countries.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR090 CD 6-8

Dance With Me

Moon Ska MR091 CD, released 1996

I liked the Bluebeats.  I never actually got to see them (though I once missed them by about two hours at a show in NY).  They were never my favorite band of the era, but they had a solid sound.  This was their best effort.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR091 CD 6-8

Low Blow

Moon Ska MR092 CD, released 1996

Grover GRO-LP 013/GRO-CD 013, released 1996 (Germany)

The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble returns, hitting below the belt this time.  It was only available on CD in the States, but Grover offered up a vinyl version.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR092 CD 6-8
Grover GRO-LP 013 Black 12-15
GRO-CD 013 8-10

The Allston Beat

Moon Ska MR093 CD, released 1996

The sophomore (and, as it was, final) full-length Allstonians release.  I prefer Go You!, but this one was good as well.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR093 CD 6-8


Moon Ska MR094 CD, released 1996

A second Magadog full-length, this time fully released by Moon Ska.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR094 CD 6-8

Live! Vol. 1

Moon Ska MR097 CD, released 1997

This CD gave a really good taste of what the Scofflaws' live show was all about (except that you could never get a full Scofflaws show onto one CD).  Very good.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR097 CD 6-8
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