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The Toasters


The Toasters!/Recriminations LP

Moon Records - Toast 5/Toast 6, released 1985

Unicorn PHZA-18, released 1988 (UK)

Moon Records MR005, released 1989

This EP was initially released as a self-titled Toasters EP, limited to 3000 copies.  Unicorn Records re-released it as Recriminations in 1988 with different artwork.  Moon then re-released it domestically in 1989, using the artwork from the Unicorn version, but with a black base color where the Unicorn one was green.  The Moon re-release was actually the first record to carry an "MR" catalogue number.  Of course, they used MR005 as the number for the Urban Blight Playgrounds N Glass album (distributed, not released by Moon).  The early MR catalogue numbers got pretty screwy.  Supposedly, the first several numbers were supposed to correspond to the earlier records with Toast catalogue numbers...but they don't work.  Don't try to match them up.  It's a futile exercise.

The earliest version of this one is actually the easiest to find.  The Unicorn one shows up fairly often, but the Moon re-press can be a bit tougher.  All three are on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska Toast 5/6 Black (3000) 12-15
Unicorn PHZR-18 Black (UK) 15-18
Moon Ska MR005 Black 15-20
Moon Toast 5/Toast 6
Unicorn PHZA-18
Moon MR005
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