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Legal Gender/The Scene

Split 7" - Six Pack # 2

Overcast b/w Bruise in Me

Moon Records - Toast 15/Toast 16, released 1987

Assigned "MR013" number in later Moon catalogues

Ska/mod split single extravaganza!  This was the only item released with the Legal Gender name on it...soon thereafter, the band became the N.Y. Citizens.  I have heard that some of the copies that were sold later on had N.Y. Citizens stickers placed over the Legal Gender name.  I have not seen one of those, though.  The Scene was a fun mod band that included Luis Zuluaga, later of Slackers fame.  This was the last record to carry the Toast catalogue numbers.  There was a Toast 17/18 single planned for the band Second Step, but it never happened.  They switched over to "MR" numbering from this point onward.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 15/Toast 16 Black 15-20
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve
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