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The Allstonians


Go You!

Moon Ska MR048 CD, released 1994

The Allstonians made some serious rounds during the third wave.  They always seemed to be touring.  They gave you your money's worth, too...I don't think I ever saw a show of theirs that lasted less than two and a half hours.  There was a big running joke with them...their classic song, "B-Train to Allston," which actually only appeared on a compilation, was a fan favorite.  The band would never really play it, though.  I remember seeing the band's newsletter or something, in which they actually kept statistics on how often they played the song (which was very infrequent).  Go You! was their first album, only available in CD form.  They supposedly modeled this one after the Skatalites' seminal Stretching Out reunion effort.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR048 CD 6-8
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