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No Record Co. MU01 CD, released 1993 (Distributed by Moon Ska - MR046)

Asian Man AM007 LP/CD, released 1997

MU330 was one of the more popular ska-punk bands that never appeared on the commercialized side of things.  In the late 90s, a few ska-punk type bands broke through and were on the radio every hour or so.  MU330 has had a solid following over the years, but never made that jump.  This album was initially released as a CD distributed by Moon Ska, and was later re-pressed by Asian Man.  There were two covers to the Asian Man CD - one with red lettering (like the Moon Ska predecessor) and one with yellow.  Asian Man also put it out on (black) vinyl for the first time.  It is still readily available.

Version Approximate value ($)
No Record Co. MU01 CD 12-15
Asian Man AM007 LP 15-20
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