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Mustard Plug


Big Daddy Multitude

Moon Records MR042/MP 42 CD, released 1993, re-pressed 1996

Asbestos Records ASB040 LP/7", released 2008

I interviewed a good number of bands in the late 90's, and few people were as genuinely good to me as Dave from Mustard Plug.  Mustard Plug is a fun band.  I always enjoyed seeing them play.  They only have a couple of songs ever made it into my top ranks, but the overall package is thoroughly entertaining.  Big Daddy Multitude was their first full album.  There may have been a version of it that existed prior to the Moon release.  I cannot confirm that.  The Moon Ska one has an "MP 42" catalogue number along the edge of the case, which I assume was just them playing with the "MR" number and using "MP" for Mustard Plug.  Years later (2008), Asbestos Records decided to issue the album on vinyl for the first time.  There were some very limited versions of it released.  I have not decided to track those down yet...perhaps someday...

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR042 CD 10-12
Asbestos ASB040 Black LP/Yellow 7" (100) 15-18
Asbestos ASB040 Clear LP/Black 7" (125) 15-18
Asbestos ASB040 White LP/White 7" (250) 12-15
Asbestos ASB040 Yellow LP/Black 7" (500) 12-15
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