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The Pietasters


Slug Tone! Records ST-04/Shadowbox Entertainment SB-001 CD, released 1993

Distributed by Moon (MR039)

Ah, the legendary Pietasters' first was self-titled.  Many, many people have referred to this disc as "Piestomp" over the years, but that is not its name.  That almost became a disclaimer when discussing it with the band.  I can't imagine where people would have gotten the idea that it was named Piestomp...perhaps the t-shirts, stickers, and buttons had something to do with it...

The album was only released on CD, but it was a tremendously collectable CD.  It went out of print long ago, having been released on the band's Slug Tone label, and was extremely difficult to find throughout the vast majority of ska's third wave.  Really, by 1994, this was nowhere to be found.  In the late '90s, though, the band announced that they had found some more copies of the disc, and it became available anew for a few months.  I compared one of these to a copy from the original run, and all of the codes on the two discs were identical.  Anyway, this was a great debut.  I know lots of people who love this disc, and plenty of others who do not.  It is not as difficult to procure as it once was (though still not easy), and the tracks were all included on the 1992-1996 3 CD set.  However, the versions of the songs on that collection are the demo and single versions, which are different from the versions on the original album.

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