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King Apparatus



Raw Energy CD RER 01, released 1991 (Distributed by Moon - MR029)

Cargo Records CARD 1024 CD, released 1991 (Canada)

Asian Man ASM-051 CD, released 2000

King Apparatus was the original home to Chris Murray, once known as Venice Shoreline Chris.  As soon as Chris went on a murderous rampage and took out the rest of his band, he went out on his own.  What?  No.  Canadians don't do those sorts of things!  I have heard conflicting reports about the release history for this one.  It came out in the U.S. on Raw Energy Records (which released most of the band's material).  The Canadian pressing of it was on Cargo.  It was later re-released on Asian Man.

Version Approximate value ($)
Raw Energy CD RER 01 10-12
Cargo CARD 1024 CD 10-12
Asian Man ASM-051 CD 8-10
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