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Dance Hall Crashers


Dance Hall Crashers

Moon Records Europe MRE024 LP, released 1991

Moon Records MR024 CS, released 1991


Moon Records MR024 CD, released 1993

The Old Record

Honest Don's Records DON 002-1 LP, released 1996

Here we go.  This one is mildly complicated.  The inaugural Dance Hall Crashers album is extremely difficult to find on vinyl.  It took me a year to confirm that the vinyl even existed.  Like some of the other vinyl on moon at this time, it was only produced in Europe.  All of the records that fit that description are difficult to find, but this one is by far the toughest.  Domestically, it was pressed as a cassette.  However, there were two different artwork variations for the cassette version (I cannot confirm this firsthand, as I only have one of the two).  The version of the DHC theme song that is on this release is exclusive to this version.  The later, more common one was a different recording entirely.

Now...a couple of years went by, and Moon released the "1989-1992" CD.  This is different from the original self-titled release - it is an anthology of the first few years of Dance Hall Crashers.  They changed the cover from yellow to green and added several tracks (which mostly came from compilation releases).  The CD has a production flaw in it - there is a gap in the middle of the DHC theme song.  This disc actually became one of the more sought after early-ish Moon releases during the height of the third wave.  It went out of print right around when the band's popularity took off.  I had to pay a hefty sum for my copy when I did successfully track it down.  The CD has become easier to find as time has gone on and online shopping outlets have become more prevalent.  It is still pretty scarce, though.

But wait, there's more!  Honest Don's Records came out with a new vinyl version in 1996.  Titled "The Old Record," this release recreated the track listing from the 1989-1992 CD, not that of the original release.  The arrival of this version also significantly reduced the demand for the Moon CD.  It is still very easy to procure, and is on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MRE024 LP Black 30-40
Moon MR024 CD 20-25
Honest Don's DON 002-1 12-15
Dance Hall Crashers
The Old Record
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