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The Toasters



Moving Target MT11 CD/CS/LP, released 1987

Pork Pie EFA 04605-02 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Moon Records MR013 CD/CS, released 1994

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 002, released 1999

V.O.R. LP 213, released 2000 (Germany)

Megalith MEGA 002 CD, released 2003

Megalith ME 021 CD, released 2008

The Toasters' first full-length exploded onto the scene in 1987 (not onto The Scene - that would have been messy).  It was actually originally released on Moving Target Records.  In 2000, an additional vinyl version was released by V.O.R. in Germany.  Megalith Records re-pressed the CD in 2003, including the Pool Shark and Recriminations EPs, along with some additional bonus tracks.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moving Target MT11 Black 15-18
V.O.R. LP 213 Black 12-15
Pork Pie EFA 04605-02 CD 10-12
Moon MR013 CD 12-15
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 002 CD 10-12
Megalith MEGA 002 CD 10-12
Megalith ME 021 CD 10-12
Moving Target MT11
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