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Urban Blight

Playgrounds 'N Glass

Stickman Records ST.UB-05-2/ST.UB-05-3/ST.UB-05-4 CD/CS/LP, released 1992

Distributed by Moon Records (MR005)

Urban Blight was...somethin'.  I am told they were a lot of fun live.  I never saw them - I can neither confirm nor deny this.  Their recorded material is about the most '80s sounding ska music in history.  Even more so than 2-Tone era stuff.  This album was supposedly available on vinyl.  I have never seen a copy.  The CD surfaces on occasion.  I have read that this was catalogued with the MR005 number when it was distributed through Moon, but have never seen anything directly from Moon that said this.  If true, of course, it screws up the whole numbering system, as MR005 went to the re-press of the Toasters' Recriminations EP.  These are the things that keep record collectors up at night.

Version Approximate value ($)
Stickman ST.UB-05 Black 12-15
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