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California Ska-Quake

Moon Records MR031 CD, released 1992

Contains the Hepcat track "Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi"

This earlier Moon Records CD compilation was the first good collection to give a snapshot of the burgeoning California ska scene.  There were several important New York comps on the market by this point, but this was the first good California one.  It contains an exclusive Hepcat track (a great one...which eventually became not exclusive to this release, as it ended up as a hidden track at the end of the remastered version of their Out of Nowhere album).  The comp also provided an interesting look at early No Doubt.  Jump With Joey, Dance Hall Crashers, and Let's Go Bowling all make appearances.  It was only released in CD form.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR031 CD 12-15
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