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There was some great work in Archers of Loaf's handful of albums. I preferred the earlier work to the later stuff, but some disagree with me. It's all got its place. Let's take a look.  All Archers of Loaf albums were on Alias. They flirted with another label at one point, but ultimately stayed with Alias. Some of the following are actually still available from Alias (but not as many as their web site says).

Icky Mettle

Alias A049, released 1994

Merge MRG415, released 2011

Fire FIRELP238, released 2011 (Europe)

The first Archers of Loaf full length is a work of indie rock genius. Really great many solid songs on this disc. The original (black vinyl) release shows up for sale fairly regularly, but can cost a bit. In 2011, Merge Records remastered and re-released Icky Mettle. These were on blue vinyl, but were apparently released on black vinyl as well. The value of the original had been skyrocketing in 2010-11 (following the band's reunion shows), but the re-release seemed to curb demand for's all over the place, though. I've seen it sell for as little as $25 and as much as $70 in the last year.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A049 Black 25-45 4 Volatile
Merge MRG415 Blue 10-15 1 Stable
Merge MRG415 Black 18-20 3 Stable
Fire FIRELP238 Blue 15-20 2 Stable

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Archers of Loaf vs. the Greatest of All Time 10" EP

Alias A070, released 1994

The boys followed Icky Mettle up quickly with this EP. I once read that they wanted to use Mohammed Ali, but clearly could not afford to use his they went with this guy. I love it. It exists on a couple of different colors of vinyl: I have seen both yellow-green and forest green, in addition to black. The dark green seems to be a bit more scarce than the yellow-green version, but they sell for similar prices.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A070 - Yellow-Green 18-25 3 Stable
Alias A070 - Forest Green 18-25 4 Stable
Alias A070 - Black 15-20 3 Stable

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Vee Vee

Alias A064, released 1995

Merge MRG425, released 2012

Fire FIRELP252, released 2012 (Europe)

To me, it is a toss-up between Vee Vee and Icky Mettle for best Archers of Loaf album. Vee Vee is excellent. The original was only on black vinyl. Merge released a remastered version in 2012; the download contains lots of bonus tracks, including demos and outtakes from the Vee Vee sessions, along with some of the tracks from the singles and comps that they had out around that time.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A064 - Black 18-25 3 Stable
Merge MRG425 - Green 10-12 1 Down
Fire FIRELP252 - Green 15-20 3 Stable

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The Speed of Cattle 2xLP

Alias A094, released 1996

The Speed of Cattle was a collection of Archers of Loaf singles. The vinyl version was a double LP on black vinyl, and was easy to find for a long time, but got rarer and more expensive over the years. This was the only full-length release that Merge did not re-press, so the price stayed a little higher.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A094 - 2xLP Black 25-40 4 Stable

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All the Nation's Airports

Alias A100, released 1996

Merge MRG435, released 2012

Fire FIRELP236, released 2012 (Europe)

The band's sound changed a little for this album. It was more of a commercial success, but has less kick than the previous ones. I know many who think this was their finest effort. I prefer the noisier stuff (except "Scenic Pastures", which is a gorgeous song). There is an interesting picture disc version of this record - it is a very heavy piece of vinyl with a picture of an airplane wheel on it. It also exists on on black vinyl. The picture disc price can fluctuate a bit, but is pretty easy to find.

Merge Records reissued All the Nation's Airports in 2012 on clear vinyl (as did Fire Records in Europe), with a download containing all sorts of bonus tracks (singles, demos, etc.).

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A100 - Picture Disc 15-25 3 Stable
Alias A100 - Black 10-15 3 Down
Merge MRG435 - Clear 15-18 1 Stable
Fire FIRELP236 - Clear 15-18 1 Stable

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Vitus Tinnitus 10"

Alias A115, released 1997

Very solid live 10" from 1997. Black vinyl. Pretty common. The contents of this EP were included as bonus tracks on the Japanese version of the White Trash Heroes CD.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A115 - Black 10-12 1 Stable

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White Trash Heroes

Alias A128, released 1998

Merge MRG445, released 2012

Fire FIRELP237, released 2012 (Europe)

The last Archers of Loaf album. It was a natural extension of the previous effort. It did have one track that conjured up the energy of some of the band's early work ("Fashion Bleeds"), but for the most part was in line with the milder indie sound of the mature Archers of Loaf. Black vinyl.

Merge Records and Fire Records reissued White Trash Heroes in 2012 on white vinyl. The record came with 13 digital bonus tracks. The reissue is readily available.

The value of original pressing has been picking up some steam lately.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A128 - Black 15-25 3 Up
Merge MRG445 - White 10-15 1 Stable
Fire FIRELP237 - White 15-20 3 Stable

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Seconds Before the Accident CD

Alias A143, released 2000

This is a great live recording of the band's last show. Only available on CD.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Alias A143 CD 3 1 Stable

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