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The Twilight Singers are an evolution of the musical urges of Greg Dulli.  The first Twilight Singers album was actually recorded before the last Afghan Whigs record, and the band that put that album together was very different from the one that was responsible for the majority of the subsequent Twilight Singers albums.  Starting with that second release, the band held steady for a while, until Mark Lanegan got involved and it started evolving again to eventually become the Gutter Twins.  This page captures Greg Dulli's various Twilight Singers albums from 2000 to now.  I have a separate page in place for the Gutter Twins' releases.

Twilight as Played by the Twilight Singers CD

Columbia ck 63825, released September 2000

The demo version of this album had been floating around for years before it was finally unleashed on the marketplace.  It was mostly recorded in 1997, prior to the final Afghan Whigs album, 1965.  It shows.  Twilight was basically the goodbye before the rebirth of 1965.  There were a couple of new songs recorded in 2000, and most of the existing 1997 songs were enhanced and remixed by Fila Brazillia prior to their release.

This album represented a very different sound from any other Dulli project, mainly due to the prominence of Shawn Smith and Harold Chichester.  This project was a rocky one from the start.  As Dulli once indicated in an interview, when you put three lead singers together in a studio, bad things happen.  Dulli and Shawn Smith had a particularly bad falling out, and basically did not speak for a decade (well, at least, they had nothing to do with each other publicly until Smith made a guest appearance during a Dulli solo show in late 2007). 

Dulli assembled a band for a brief tour to support the album, but ended up hating the tour and really never connecting with the band.  That's a shame, because at the end of the day, this album contained a high concentration of truly beautiful songs.

Released exclusively on cd, because that's pretty much what was happening with major labels in 2000.

Version Approximate value ($)
ck 63825 CD 12-15

Verti-Marte b/w That's Just How That Bird Sings (Fila Brazillia Remixes) CD

Columbia DIDP 101540, released September 2000

Two-song remix promo cd, released as a giveaway in conjunction with specific independent record stores (associated with the Coalition of Independent Music Stores).  If I recall, the consumer had to print off a coupon from the official Twilight Singers Columbia web site and take it to one of a select few stores, listed on that same site.  Good versions of both songs.

Version Approximate value ($)
DIDP 101540 CD 12-15

Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair b/w Domani/Son of the Morning Star CDEP

Birdman BMR50, released 2003

Before Blackberry Belle came out, this (theoretically) limited edition cd came out on Birdman.  We were led to believe that this was a very limited pressing, and it was somewhat difficult to track down when it first came out, but it has proven very easy to find over time.  The title-track cover was a staple at Twilight shows for the next few years, but I thought the real strength was in the other two tracks - particularly Domani, which was later included on Amber Headlights.  That's Dita Von Teese on the cover.

Version Approximate value ($)
BMR50 CD 12-15

Blackberry Belle

One Little Indian OLI401 (CD), released October 2003

Plain Recordings plain116 (LP), released November 2005

In my opinion, this is the strongest of all Twilight Singers albums.  I love the first record, but I think this is the one on which it all comes together.  This is also where Mark Lanegan began to show up on Twilight Singers releases, with a solid appearance on the album's last track, "Number Nine."  The vinyl came out much later.  It contained a bonus track, the demo of "Run Rabbit Run," a song that had made occasional appearances during the Afghan Whigs' final tour.  Fans were not immediately sold on the vinyl version, and its value did not rise at all for a few years.  It has begun to get slightly more scarce, and as a result, has appreciated slightly.  All copies were on white vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
plain116 White 30-40

The Killer Teenage Wristband

One Little Indian OLI394, released September 2003

CD EP released to promote Blackberry Belle.  It contained one unreleased track, So Tight, which later appeared on Amber Headlights.  Random fact of the day: as a thank you to volunteer members of the Street Team, the label gave away a few copies of this disc signed by Dulli.

Version Approximate value ($)
OLI394 CD 10-12

DIW #64

The Twilight Singers - Wicked b/w The American Analog Set - Hard To Find (Reprise) / Jeff Hanson - Now We Know

DIW #64, came with DIW Magazine 5.3, released October 2003

This has been a difficult find since it came out, but, strangely, has not yet really increased in value.  I can't figure this out.  You needed a subscription to the magazine to receive it and the 7" with it...and you couldn't just subscribe at the last minute and receive that issue (I tried).'s not very expensive.  Maybe it's because the track on here, "Wicked," was later released on the Amber Headlights album.  Still, I feel as though a spike is coming.  We shall see.  Limited to 777 hand-numbered copies, all on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
DIW #64 Black 15-20
DIW Magazine 5.3
Sleeve Paper foldover

Feathers b/w Number Nine 7"

One Little Indian 391TP7, released January 2004

UK 7" released to promote Blackberry Belle.  Same versions as on the album.  Easy to find.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
391TP7 Black 5
Sleeve Full glossy

Papillon (Radio Edit) b/w Wicked CD

One Little Indian TS1PROMO, released 2004

2-track promo cd containing a slightly different version of Papillon.

Version Approximate value ($)

Shock & Oar 2x7"

Disc 1: The Twilight Singers - Feathers b/w The Walkmen - My Old Man/Echo-Static - Watching Confusion
Disc 2: Low Flying Owls - Looks of a Killer b/w Film School - Harmed/Thee Heavenly Music Association - The Absolute Elsewhere

Fierce Panda NING157, released 2004

Double 7" on black vinyl, containing the same version of Feathers that was on Blackberry Belle.

Version Approximate value ($)
NING157 Black 8-10
Sleeve Paper foldover

She Loves You

One Little Indian OLI426 (CD), released August 2004

Birdman BMR 071 (LP), released January 2005

She Loves You is an EP full of covers.  There are definitely hits and misses on this record.  As you can see, the vinyl was released a bit later than the cd.  It contained a bonus track, very brief cover of the Beatles' "Her Majesty," and came in an uncensored sleeve (see Hoohah Version above).  This has been the piece of Twilight Singers vinyl that has really gained value recently.  It has become harder to find, and people have realized that.  As I typed this, there was a copy being auctioned for an obscene amount of money.  I think it's a bit inflated at the moment, but certainly valuable.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
BMR 071 Black 50-60

Too Tough To Die b/w Hard Time Killing Floor CD

One Little Indian 438TLP7CD, released November 2004

Includes the Afghan Whigs songs "I Keep Coming Back" and "Fountain and Fairfax"

UK cd to promote the She Loves You album.  The same versions of the two songs appear on the album.  Easy find.

Version Approximate value ($)
438TLP7CD CD 5

Greg Dulli's Amber Headlights

Infernal IRS-501 (CD), released 2005

While this is TECHNICALLY not a Twilight Singers release...well, it is.  This album was originally supposed to have been Blackberry Belle.  Dulli scrapped it after Ted Demme died and started over.  There are some very good songs on this disc.  Word on the street is there were many others from those sessions that have still never seen the light of day.  Amber Headlights was only released on cd.  It is getting harder to find, and the value is creeping upward.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
IRS-501 CD 16-20 Stable

Powder Burns

One Little Indian OLI444 (CD), released May 2006

One Little Indian TPLP444 (2xLP), released 2006

One Little Indian TPLP444DMM (200g DMM), released 2008

Dulli's emergence from a battle against cocaine yielded the Powder Burns album.  Boy, did they try to milk every possible dollar from the consumer on this one, too.  Originally released on cd and as a double LP.  The vinyl was supposedly fairly limited, but there has never been a shortage of them on the market.  Now...the fun/evil marketing moves came in several ways.  First, the online release of the album coincided with multiple bonus tracks.  One ("They Ride") you could only get if you bought the entire album through iTunes.  Another ("Andiamo") was available through eMusic.  The last one (Alternate version of "Candy Cane Crawl") was a bonus from Rhapsody, I believe.  On top of all of this, they sold 500 copies of the cd that were signed by Dulli and hand-numbered in silver marker (see image above).  They sold these for $25 apiece.  I always thought the multiple releases represented truly obnoxious marketing that took advantage of fans.  However, I was reminded that the profits from all of the signed copies went to benefit Doctos Without Borders.  So, at the very least, that part was noble.  Plus, I have always been a believer that there's nothing wrong with it if the consumer is willing.  Bonus tracks in three different places was a little much, though.  But wait - there's more!  Apparently, they have not sufficiently bled us dry yet.  In the fall of 2008, One Little Indian re-pressed Powder Burns as a 200 gram Direct Metal Master.  It's really, really expensive new.  Absurdly so.  I realize that the DMM process costs more, but really...the original price was 31 pounds.  I'm not paying $60 for a new record.  Ever.  Fortunately, they seem to have backed down from this price slightly on the retail market.  I have seen it for as little as $35 now.  It is limited to 500 numbered copies.

Version Approximate value ($)
OLI444 - Signed #d CD 25-30
TPLP444 2xLP Black 20-25
TPLP444DMM Black 35

I'm Ready (Radio Edit) b/w I'm Ready (Lo Fidelity Allstars Remix)

One Little Indian 745TP7, released 2006

UK 7" with two alternate versions of "I'm Ready," released to promote the Powder Burns album.  It also exists as a cd.  Both formats are easy to procure.  The 7" is on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
745TP7 Black 5
Sleeve Full glossy

A Stitch in Time CD

One Little Indian TPLP768CD, released October 2006

Initially, this was released exclusively as a download, but, soon thereafter, was put out as a cd as well.  Five tracks, nothing groundbreaking.  Lanegan plays an increasingly large role.  This sounds more like the first Gutter Twins release than the last Twilight Singers one.  Easy to find.

Version Approximate value ($)
TPLP768CD 5-8
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