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Powder Burns

One Little Indian OLI444 (CD), released May 2006

One Little Indian TPLP444 (2xLP), released 2006

One Little Indian TPLP444DMM (200g DMM), released 2008

Dulli's emergence from a battle against cocaine yielded the Powder Burns album.  Boy, did they try to milk every possible dollar from the consumer on this one, too.  Originally released on cd and as a double LP.  The vinyl was supposedly fairly limited, but there has never been a shortage of them on the market.  Now...the fun/evil marketing moves came in several ways.  First, the online release of the album coincided with multiple bonus tracks.  One ("They Ride") you could only get if you bought the entire album through iTunes.  Another ("Andiamo") was available through eMusic.  The last one (Alternate version of "Candy Cane Crawl") was a bonus from Rhapsody, I believe.  On top of all of this, they sold 500 copies of the cd that were signed by Dulli and hand-numbered in silver marker (see image above).  They sold these for $25 apiece.  I always thought the multiple releases represented truly obnoxious marketing that took advantage of fans.  However, I was reminded that the profits from all of the signed copies went to benefit Doctos Without Borders.  So, at the very least, that part was noble.  Plus, I have always been a believer that there's nothing wrong with it if the consumer is willing.  Bonus tracks in three different places was a little much, though.  But wait - there's more!  Apparently, they have not sufficiently bled us dry yet.  In the fall of 2008, One Little Indian re-pressed Powder Burns as a 200 gram Direct Metal Master.  It's really, really expensive new.  Absurdly so.  I realize that the DMM process costs more, but really...the original price was 31 pounds.  I'm not paying $60 for a new record.  Ever.  Fortunately, they seem to have backed down from this price slightly on the retail market.  I have seen it for as little as $35 now.  It is limited to 500 numbered copies.

Version Approximate value ($)
OLI444 - Signed #d CD 25-30
TPLP444 2xLP Black 20-25
TPLP444DMM Black 35
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