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The Twilight Singers


She Loves You

One Little Indian OLI426 (CD), released August 2004

Birdman BMR 071 (LP), released January 2005

She Loves You is an EP full of covers.  There are definitely hits and misses on this record.  As you can see, the vinyl was released a bit later than the cd.  It contained a bonus track, very brief cover of the Beatles' "Her Majesty," and came in an uncensored sleeve (see Hoohah Version above).  This has been the piece of Twilight Singers vinyl that has really gained value recently.  It has become harder to find, and people have realized that.  As I typed this, there was a copy being auctioned for an obscene amount of money.  I think it's a bit inflated at the moment, but certainly valuable.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
BMR 071 Black 50-60
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