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You Are Not the Boss of Me! LP

eMpTy MTR 359 LP, released 1997

This is easily my favorite Sicko album.  It is the most complete album, and the one I keep going back to when I am in the mood to listen to their material.  Almost every track on here is worth your time.  Released on CD in Japan on A Pizza of Death Records (one of my all-time favorite label names), and in the UK on Crackle.  Each of those versions had its own exclusive bonus track.  The Japanese version has a cover of the Husking Bee song "8.6", and the UK version has a cover of the Misfits' "Astro Zombies."  Both are amazing covers, so track them down if you can.  Black vinyl, not terribly tough to find, but it is becoming more difficult.

Version Approximate value ($)
MTR 359 Black 15-18
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