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Three Tea b/w Last Word/Steven

Mutant Pop MP-18, released 1997

Killer KILL 009

There are lots of fun variations of this single.  It was originally released by Mutant Pop in 1997.  Mutant Pop based the sleeve design on the standard Sub Pop model.  The first 500 copies were on clear vinyl.  There were also 1000 black copies pressed at this point.  The label later (1998) repressed the record with a different sleeve (the second one above).  I don't know how many were made in the second run.  Killer Records, a Finnish label, released the single as well, on three different colors of vinyl.  First, they pressed 100 copies on brown vinyl, which had special hand-numbered sleeves with maroon logo text.  There were also 300 pink copies and 600 orange released by Killer.  These all had sleeves with red text, which were not numbered.  The brown copies came with a white paper lyric insert, while the pink and orange copies came with off-white inserts.

Version Approximate value ($)
MP-18 Clear (500) 15-20
MP-18 Black, 1st Sleeve (1000) 8-10
MP-18 Black, 2nd Sleeve 5
KILL 009 Brown (100) 15-20
KILL 009 Pink (300) 5-8
KILL 009 Orange (600) 5
Mutant Pop Insert - 1st
Killer Insert - White
Killer Insert - Off-white
Sleeve Thick stock paper foldover
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