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Screaming Trees


Sweet Oblivion

Epic E48996 (U.S.), released 1992

Epic 471724 1 (Holland)

Epic 188.291/1-471724 (Brazil)

Epic/Sony CPL-1313 (CK-48996) (Korea)

This 1992 album was the band's greatest commercial success.  It's a fantastic album.  It came on the heels of the extremely successful Singles soundtrack, which contained Screaming Trees' best known song, "Nearly Lost You" (also released on Sweet Oblivion).  This is probably one of my all-time favorite complete albums.  I have no idea how many different versions of this record were released.  It was a major label release with good label support, and as a result, it was released in several countries.  I know at the very least, there were U.S., Dutch, Korean, and Brazilian versions.  There may be more.

The U.S. version was called the "One Foot in the Grave Limited Vinyl Version."  It had a plain black sleeve with a label on the front and another on the back, and was sealed in plastic along with a cd sized booklet.

Version Approximate value ($)
E48996 Black 45-50
471724 1 Black 50-60
188.291/1-471724 Black 60-70
CPL-1313 (CK-48996) Black 60-70
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