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Screaming Trees

Buzz Factory

SST 248, released 1989

The final independent Trees album.  A very good one.  Not quite as good as their previous two efforts, in my opinion, but still very solid.  The clear blue version is fairly common (much more common than the black vinyl version, actually).  It is on a deep blue, which you will occasionally see listed as purple.  It isn't.  Well, not really.  If you hold it up to light, it looks somewhat purple.  It's still more blue than purple, though.  The black one is harder to find.  A while back, someone wrote to me to inform me that there was, in fact, a purple version on the market, and that it was a purple marble copy.  It turns out that this is true, and I eventually found a copy.  This is by far the rarest version of Buzz Factory.

Version Approximate value ($)
SST 248 Clear Blue-Purple 20-25
SST 248 Purple Marble 60-80
SST 248 Black 25-35
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Insert
Test Pressing Black vinyl, Rainbo Records labels, "# 248" stamped on the labels
Credits Andy F.: First informed me of the purple marble version.
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