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Gold Leather with Heel Detail 7" - Steppin' Out b/w River

Genius geniJR015, released 1993

This single is odd.  The music's good - I just mean the release details are odd.  There I was, plodding along for years, thinking there was only one version of this single...and then, I came across a completely different one in a bargain bin in 2007.  Released on grey marble vinyl and black vinyl.  That's normal enough.  However, I just recently noticed that the two versions have completely different labels and types of sleeves.  My grey one has a pink label and a full glossy sleeve.  My black one has a red label with a map of the world on it, along with a foldover paper sleeve and an insert.  I have no idea which came first.  Weird.

Version Approximate value ($)
geniJR015 Grey Marble 6-8
geniJR015 Black 6-8
Sleeve Grey marble: Full glossy, Black: Paper foldover
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