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Punch n Judy

RayOn RAY0001, released 1986

Glitterhouse GR0022, released 1986

The Fluid's first album.  It was first released on a Colorado label called RayOn, which was specifically assembled to put this record out.  It was picked up by the German label Glitterhouse, given one of the ugliest album covers in human history, and re-released with an extra track, "Graveyard Tramps."  This was once a ridiculously difficult album to find.  It took me three years pre-internet.  Now, it shows up for auction every few months.  It represented a significant moment in record producing history...the Fluid was Glitterhouse's first link to a Sub Pop band (even though they weren't one yet).  Glitterhouse and Sub Pop maintained a relationship for many years.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
RayOn RAY0001 - Black 25-35 Stable
Glitterhouse GR0022 - Black 20-25 Stable

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