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Candy (live) b/w Molly's Lips (live)

Sub Pop SP97, released January 1991

Sub Pop Singles Club #27

7500 total pressed - 4000 on green marble vinyl, 3500 on black.  The green marble ones have varying degrees of marbling.  There are even some that are solid green (see pic below).  Copies that are solid green or those that are mixed green and black vinyl command much more money.  The more the green and black are mixed, the more they fetch.  Some fakes have surfaced of the black version - see for details.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP97 Green Marble (4000) 50-70 Stable
SP97 Black (3500) 35-45 Down
SP97 Solid Green 80-100 Stable
SP97 Green/Black Mix 200-300 Up
Attached Insert
Test Pressing
Green Marble
Solid Green
Green/Black Mix
Sleeve Paper foldover w/ Singles Club form attached
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, white labels
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