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Say Anything... Soundtrack

WTG P 45140 LP, released 1989

Epic 465377 1 LP, released 1989 (Netherlands)

Epic 177.168/1-465377 LP, released 1989 (Brazil)

Contains the Fishbone track "Skankin' to the Beat"

As I mentioned in the write-up for the 7" that came from this album, the presence of Fishbone plays a big role in this movie, probably more because John Cusack was a fan than anything else.  The soundtrack features a great version of "Skankin' to the Beat" (different from the one that appeared on the "Party at Ground Zero" single).  The album did come out on vinyl in several countries.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
WTG P 45140 15-20 Stable
Epic 465377 1 15-20 Stable
Epic 177.168/1-465377 20-25 Stable
Sleeve Full sleeve

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