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Columbia C 40892 LP, released 1987

CBS 460118 1 LP, released 1987 (Netherlands)

Suzy/CBS 460118 1 LP, released 1988 (Yugoslavia)

Contains the Fishbone track "Jamaica Ska"

Fishbone and Annette Funicello.  Together.  In a beach movie.  In 1987.  What?  No, really.  This happened.  And must be seen to be believed.  They team up to do "Jamaican Ska." It's silly.  Also, it is absolutely worth tracking down a video copy of this movie solely for the clip containing this song.  Oh wait, we have YouTube now...  The soundtrack was released on both vinyl and CD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Columbia C 40892 5 Stable
CBS 460118 1 (Netherlands) 5 Stable
Suzy/CBS 460118 1 (Yugoslavia) 5 Stable
Sleeve Full sleeve

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