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Live in Bordeaux

DC-Jam 2xLP Picture Disc, released 2009

Live album #3.  This one was released with much more fanfare, though.  It also marks the first piece of Fishbone vinyl to be released in, 10 years?!?  Really?!?  The first full-length of theirs to appear on vinyl in 16 years.  It came out as a picture disc double LP.  Vendors seem to unnecessarily hike the price on it...but you can still buy it from the band's website.  I read on one site that it was limited to 300 copies.  The artwork on side A is the same as that of side C and the artwork on side B is the same as the artwork on side D.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
2xLP Picture Disc 25-30 Stable
Sleeve Plain plastic gatefold sleeve

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