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The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx

Hollywood HR-62179-2 CD, released 2000

Edel 0121792HWR CD, released 2000 (Europe)

Hollywood AVCW-13007 CD, released 2000 (Japan)

When this album came out, it followed an extended period of time (four years) that were completely devoid of Fishbone studio material.  The fans were hungry.  That is not to say that the band was inactive, though.  They toured incessantly during those years, and further fine-tuned their live performance.  They reached back into their catalogue of ska songs, which had all but disappeared from their 1993-96 live sets.  Honestly, the 1997-98 period was my favorite time to see Fishbone.  They put together a phenomenal two-hour set that contained basically all of my favorites of their songs, and brought it on with full Fishbone intensity every night.  I once saw them four nights in a row in 1998.  It was supposed to be five, but my body couldn't take it.  Anyway, this album made me happy.  It brought the Fishbone sound back to that which I liked best.  All of Fishbone's efforts have merit.  This one was a really solid effort.  It's probably my favorite thing they have done in the last...ohhh...just about 20 years.  No vinyl - just CD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Hollywood HR-62179-2 CD 5-10 Stable
Edel 0121792HWR CD 5-10 Stable
Hollywood HR-62179-2 CD 10-15 Stable

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