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Truth and Soul

U.S. LP - Columbia FC 40891/C 40891, released 1988

Canada LP - Columbia FC 40891, released 1988

UK LP - Epic 451173 1, released 1988

Netherlands LP - CBS 451173 1, released 1988

The Fishbone that is best known by the world began with the Truth and Soul album.  Fishbone was definitely at the top of their game for this one.  True ska-funk-rasta-punk at its best.  There are many versions of this one out there.  Just as with In Your Face, the standard U.S. issue has one catalogue number on the sleeve (FC 40891) and another on the labels (C 40891).  I am not sure whether there is a sleeve with the C 40891 number on it.  There is a Canadian version with the same number as the U.S. one, as well as UK and Dutch pressings.  I would be surprised if there were not others.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Columbia FC 40891/C 40891 10-15 Stable
Columbia FC 40891 (Canada) 12-15 Stable
Epic 451173 1 (UK) 15-20 Stable
CBS 451173 1 (Netherlands) 10-15 Stable
C 40891
FC 40891 (Canada)
CBS 451173 1 (Netherlands)
Sleeve Full sleeve

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