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Everyday Sunshine

UK 12" Promo - Columbia XPR 1796, released 1991

Netherlands 7" - Columbia 657401 7, released 1992

Netherlands 12" - Columbia 658193 6, released 1992

Netherlands 7" - Columbia 658193 7, released 1992

Alright, this is where things get really screwy.  This and the next entry could be either one, two or three separate entries, depending on how you look at it.  I have chosen to break it into two, mainly because the picture disc does not contain "Everyday Sunshine."  Three versions outlined on this page all feature both "Everyday Sunshine" and "Fight the Youth" - basically as a double single.  In fact, the two versions with picture sleeves have both tracks right on the fronts of the sleeves.  The third gives you "Fight the Youth" before "Everyday Sunshine," and was released before the others, but I am comfortable listing them together.  The 7" contains, oddly enough, 7" versions of both songs.  The fourth version, Columbia 657401 7, is exclusively an "Everyday Sunshine" single - "Fight the Youth" does not appear on this one.  Instead, the b-side is "Pressure".

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
Columbia XPR 1796 Promo 12" 8-10 Stable
Columbia 657401 7 7" 5-10 Stable
Columbia 658193 6 12" 3-5 Down
Columbia 658193 7 7" 2-4 Down
Columbia XPR 1796
Columbia 658193 6
Columbia 658193 7
Sleeve UK 12" - Plain Black Sleeve
Holland 12" - Full P/S
Holland 7" - Full glossy P/S

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