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It's a Wonderful Life

U.S. LP - Columbia 4C 44097, released 1987

Netherlands LP - CBS 651276 6, released 1987

Japan CD - Sony SRCS 5741, released 1992

This was a fun EP.  Christmas in the style of Fishbone.  The title track is actually based on the events of the movie of the same name.  The U.S. vinyl is very easy to find.  The Dutch version is a bit more difficult, but not too tough.   The only CD version of the EP came out in Japan.  The tracks were also included with those from In Your Face in Europe to form the later Fishbone LP (which, of course, is a different self-titled album from their first EP.  I know.  They confuse us on purpose).  The tracks also later appeared on the Fishbone 101 Anthology.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
Columbia 4C 44097 3-5 Down
CBS 651276 6 (Europe) 8-10 Down
Columbia 4C 44097
CBS 651276 6
Sleeve Full sleeve

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